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Custom Design and Content

It’s come up a few times recently: Someone using a social media service sees another company’s post that bears a striking resemblance to their own …

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Weekend In My Mind


Keep Up the Good Work Work is good. With the way the world is going right now, I’m especially grateful to all of my clients …

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People discussing business plan

The More Things Change…

Keeping Up with the Knowns Marketing is a moving target. We work in an industry that lies at the intersection of technology and human behavior, …

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Amping Up the Energy with Livestreaming Internet and Digital Marketing Information and Training

Amping Up the Energy

Catching Up During COVID​ Well, it’s been a weird, sometimes stressful couple of months, hasn’t it? I hope everyone out there is doing as well …

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African american man puts five stars at customer review

The World of Online Reputation Management

A Website Designer’s Responsibilities: Then When I got into the business of website design more than 20 years ago, my initial focus was on the …

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Desiging and developing WordPress mobile responsive websites

Why Responsive Design?

How do you access the internet? Do you use it to get to various websites from your desktop at work? From a laptop at Starbuck’s? …

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