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Client Support is Our Business

Client Support is Our Business
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Brian Deckard

Well, I am an internet marketer, which includes website design & development, graphic designer, SEO strategist, social media marketer, and so much more!

Client Support is Our Business

The internet is everywhere.

I love the international, all-time-zones potential of the internet. I love that people can access my work and connect with my clients, no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

But this means that a website has to work all the time. And that issues can arise anytime, any time of year, no matter where I am.

The Around-the-Clock Nature of Small Business Ownership

As a fellow small-business owner, I’m sure you understand. It’s hard to get away from your work.

Sure, this is because we have a naturally small business infrastructure. We can’t afford employees with overlapping responsibilities. We don’t have built-in redundancies. We’re the boss, owner, and lackey all in one. When things fall through the cracks, it’s our responsibility, as the leader, to fix them.

But our never-ending work cycle is also because our business is our passion. We don’t take a vacation from our passion.

Always Working for Me = Always Working for You

So when I’m on vacation in the mountains, I still have clients on my mind. And when a client has issues that need to be solved over the summer, I’m there for them—no matter where I am.

I cannot stop worrying about my clients’ well-being. I cannot stop thinking about how to do things better. The internet part of my brain works everywhere, all the time, too.

We all know that taking breaks is good, and it’s healthy to take time for yourself. But I can’t argue with my work impulses too much. Because I know that my work directly benefits my clients.

This Year’s Around-the-Clock Adventures

Already this year, I’ve put my own personal overtime to good use. I curated a special effort to create customized videos on behalf of my clients for Small Business Week. I set aside weekends and late nights to migrate all of our clients to new hosting servers, for faster, more secure service across the board.

Most recently, even while I’ve been away from my Bradenton home and up in North Carolina with my family, I’ve dedicated a good chunk of my time to rooting out problems on a pre-existing website I inherited to streamline this client’s library of online information and exponentially improve their SEO. I couldn’t help myself! It bothers me when opportunities are just sitting there, waiting to be taken.

This also means that the second I find out about something a client needs, that issue is on my mind. I’m bad at ignoring things.

The Deckard & Company Initiative

I like to think that this is why digital marketing is the right industry for me. Everything online is constantly changing—being compromised and being improved as virtually everyone in the world tries to take advantage of everything out there.

This is not a place to rest on your laurels, or someone’s gonna snatch those laurels right out from underneath you!

What this means for my clients is that you’re getting dynamic, ever-improving services. You’re not signing a contract for a singular service that you’re then going to have to stay on top of just to get the smallest thing done. This is an Energizer Bunny kind of contract.

There’s always a risk, when you’re a small business owner, that employing or partnering with someone else winds up being even more work than just doing it yourself. But that’s not the case here. You get a top-rated partner when you signed up for our service, and then some.

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Brian Deckard is a Expert WordPress website designer and developer, based in Bradenton, Florida
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